Discovering new Investment Opportunities in Asia Pacific

Welcome to Kseven Industries Pte Ltd, an investment holding company dedicated to exploring potential investments in the Asia Pacific region. With a focus on strategic partnerships and sustainable growth, we strive to create value for our stakeholders

We began with a humble beginning back in early 1980s with just a couple of investors who are.dedicated to achieving their dreams.

In the good old days, internet was not prevalent, our forefathers, the original investors for the company never knew what a browser was, even a mobile phone was scarce.

With the evolution of times, they discovered that there is a need to move from traditional investment like manufacturing to a more sophisticated modern investments like AI, where there are an abundance of potential business opportunities.

Kseven is now on the road to "REDISCOVERY"

Highly impressed with kseven's expertise in the Asia Pacific region. They helped me make smart investments.

Satisfied Investor


Future Investments Strategy

Our investors believe strongly in reaping good returns for their investments. Our company is constantly seeking new business opportunities and we have already target a few areas that are of interest to our investors as well as motivates our staff to manage them efficiently.

Some of the projects in the pipeline are :

  • Customised tourism to exotic locations with interesting adventures to satisfy the client's quest for excitement.

  • Personalised financial diversified investment products with higher returns.

  • Innovative products relating to Artificial Intelligence.

  • High end consumer dedicated personalise products for the elite.

The buzz word of AI - artificial intelligence is so pervasive that it is now ingrained in everyone's mind. As an investment holding company, our board members are also continually seeking to be part of this "era evolution

We will expand to horizons of great interest such as : Warehousing, Agriculture, Communications, Medical and others.