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  • Printing Factory in Batam

  • Digital Marketiing Platform in Thailand

  • Warehousing in Malaysia

  • Food Manufacturing in Vietnam

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Our Mission :

Discovering investment opportunities in the dynamic Asia Pacific region, we have been in the industry for many decades as a leading investment holding company with a focus on strategic growth and sustainable returns.

various industries coming together as one
various industries coming together as one



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  • Ensure sustainable returns for our investors.
  • Maximise Shareholders value..

  • Long term growth & Profitability.

  • Sustainable & Ethical Investments.

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Our Vision :

To be a global leader in sustainable and innovative investments, creating lasting value for our stakeholders by embracing opportunities, fostering excellence, and championing responsible growth."

Our Service Offerings

We offer investment opportunities in the Asia Pacific region in varied industries.

person holding white Samsung Galaxy Tab
person holding white Samsung Galaxy Tab
Latest Investment Opportunities Available

Textile Factory in Indonesia currently under negotiation for potential investment by our Group of Investors.

Latest Investment Opportunities Available

Dynamic investment such Artificial Intelligence centric concentration for consumer products such as robotic laundry machine, window cleaning etc.

a person holding a calculator over a piece of paper
a person holding a calculator over a piece of paper

Portfolio Management

Our Long Term Investors entrusted us in managing their portfolio of at least $3million per individual. We review constantly on stocks, trades that are viable and safe or minimal loss on every asset invested.

Risk Assessment & Management

Using our proprietary tools to measure risk evaluation on viable projects prior to embarking enables us to reduce the probability of failure.

Past & Ongoing Investments

We have & had been successful in launching past & ongoing Projects therefore ensuring our Investors to still maintain their investment nests for the past 30 - 40 decades.

Paper Bag Manufacturing in Indonesia 2012

This investment is a joint venture with a local Indonesian partner, who has a large printing capacity to produce paper bags. We were able to obtain orders from top luxury brand consumer products. This investment is still an ongoing project drawing good dividends annually for the investors.

Rubber Plantation in Malaysia 1985 - 1995

One of the most successful investments of the company made in mid late 80s to mid 90s gave the Chairman including his initial small group of investors a hefty sum of profits. Morale & Confidence boosted the way forward to more investments in later years.

Wholesale distributor for top PCs brands 1997 - 2008

With the boom of the dot com era, where internet gain huge traction, PCs became one of the most essential office equipment for all businesses, the company sought numerous distribution rights for Malaysia and Singapore back then.

Textile Manufacturing in Thailand 2015

The textile factory in Thailand is part of an investment pooling resources from our loyal and dedicated investors who had ensured their portfolios with us. This project has also derived good dividends annually and our investors have decided to continue with it.

Real Estate Investment in North Thailand

In early 2024, with pandemic subsiding, our Investors decided to embark on a bold investment of restoring and rebuilding a plot of land up in North Thailand.

A project of 50 units Villa targeted completion in mid 2025, as a resort holiday destination has been added to our investment portfolio. Various entertainment, activities will be added to this project to enhance the surroundings to be a choice for holiday makers globally.

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Future Investments Strategy

Our investors believe strongly in reaping good returns for their investments. Our company is constantly seeking new business opportunities and we have already target a few areas that are of interest to our investors as well as motivates our staff to manage them efficiently.

Some of the projects in the pipeline are :

  • Customised tourism to exotic locations with interesting adventures to satisfy the client's quest for excitement.

  • Personalised financial diversified investment products with higher returns.

  • Innovative products relating to Artificial Intelligence.

  • High end consumer dedicated personalise products for the elite.

The buzz word of AI - artificial intelligence is so pervasive that it is now ingrained in everyone's mind. As an investment holding company, our board members are also continually seeking to be part of this "era evolution

We will expand to horizons of great interest such as : Warehousing, Agriculture, Communications, Medical and others.